Overcoming the fear of the unknown

Stéphanie from France

Sending organisation: Concordia

Hosting country: Estonia


1. What surprised you the most during your workcamp?

I’ve been surprised by the activity we had to carry out : painting. I’ve never done that before and I ended up loving it because it helped me to relax. Besides I noticed that there was a very nice atmosphere in the group and also very friendly and familiar.

2. What was the biggest fear you had before the project and how did you managed to overcome it?

My biggest fear was the unknown because I didn’t know anything about Estonia. I was a bit afraid of the forest, the language and the fact of living with people I didn’t know. I’ve overcome all these fears because I open up to these new people and I also prepared myself mentally and psychologically.

3. What did you learn or what did you bring back with you (new knowledges, new feelings, memories, etc.)?

I’ve learnt to be patience, independent, the importance of the team work and being able to adapt to a new environment as well as active listening skills.

4. What advice would you give to someone about to take part in a workcamp for the first time?

My piece of advice for future volunteer will be:

– Make the right choice for your workcamp (choose one project that really suits you)

– Prepare your journey well in advance (flight tickets, visa, mental support and also some useful information about how to go from the airport to the campsite)

– Ask questions and listen carefully to your mentor during the preparation

– Follow the infosheet given by the host organization


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